More on Marriage

Is marriage in the US a href=""on the rocks/a like it is in Britain? Apparently, the changing views on marriage are not going to stop the British legal system from stepping in to a href=",,1786321,00.html?gusrc=rss"further control interpersonal behavior/a as those who are living together will now be subject to similar "rights" of those who are married--and finally, now gay couples will be included in the screw job--I mean rights--that we heterosexuals have suffered with--I mean "benefited" from, for years. (Hat Tip: a href=""Hot Air/a) br /br /BTW, I am not talking about the interpersonal relationship of marriage as a "screw job"--a wonderful relationship is the ultimate reason for marriage, I merely mean that unfair laws regarding marriage can sometimes be a "screw-job."