More Government Does Not Equal 'Reform'

We live in interesting times. The America of 2020 will be radically different than the America of 1920. Just as Europeans attempt to liberalize their markets, we, in the United States, endeavor to (further) socialize ours. The Increase the Size of the Federocracy Plan -- a.k.a. the stimulus -- imperils our ability to ever get out of debt while cap and tax seeks to punish citizens as a means to atone for environmental variation. Inadvertently, the carbon scheme will enable China to become the world’s dominant economic power and lead to an even greater loss of our nation’s manufacturing base.

The latest assault on our institutions and freedoms comes from the Democratic Party’s health care initiative. Polling data suggest that most Americans are not in favor of Congress’ vague but extensive restructuring venture (disguised as reform), as 89 percent of us are satisfied with our own medical care.

No matter, the Democrats see another area of our lives to subject to their dreams of domination and have seized the day. As with the economy and climate change, they manufactured a health care crisis to ensure that they “never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

Republicans are “nearly united” in opposing it, but, alas, the left has the votes to push some kind of counterproductive measure through -- even if it’s not totally transformative -- without their assistance. Indeed, even if the GOP fights like paratroopers stranded in Bastogne, the much-heralded conservatives of the Democratic Party appear to be more lapdog than blue dog.

Should the weaker elements on his side wobble, President Obama created a new website, “Organizing for Health Care,” to assist politicians in battles with their constituents. The new web portal harkens back to the feel-good days of 2008 when the campaign ran “Fight the Smears” -- established to prevent the general public from discerning the vast expanse existing between who Barack Obama actually was and who he pretended to be.

The odds may be against conservatives, but all is not lost. Positive signs abound as more and more citizens are ending their passivity. They’re standing up to their rulers and presenting them with the Obama kryptonite of “no, no, we can’t.”

The left could acknowledge the very real concerns of half the nation, but they’ve chosen to go into war-room mode. It appears that Democrats ardently believe in the opposite of Occam’s razor -- the most convoluted and dramatic explanation for an event is the one that is most believable.

To leftists, only a sucker accepts that actual Americans complain or speak out when they witness detestable government action, so rather than comment on reality they conjure up conspiracy theories.

The DNC wrote off the protesters as “angry mobs of a small number of rabid right-wing extremists funded by K Street lobbyists” while an upper-class toff in the Senate lamented the number of “well-dressed people” storming the “town hall meetings.” Ah, there it is. What else is a clubman to do, between regattas in August, besides make spontaneous visits to his congressman?

Less humorously, the speaker of the House accused critics of “carrying swastikas” to their rallies, but this was a bizarre and unsubstantiated slur. If any of them did carry swastikas then, in all probability, they would be Pelosi -- or Rep. John Dingell -- supporters, as one can’t simultaneously hate socialism and support fascism. Perhaps her time would be better spent lecturing her own side about their choices in fashion accessories.