More Crazy Talk from 'Muslims of the Americas'

The Muslims of the Americas organization (MOA) and their anti-Semitic leader in Pakistan, Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani, are back at it with the crazy talk. Apparently, the movie Avatar is a tool of Satan, and Gilani has the keys to save the day with his study of “Jinniology” and miracle-making abilities. I knew James Cameron was a jerk, but now I really don’t like him.

For those who are unfamiliar with this group, the Christian Action Network (where I am the national security advisor) released a documentary last year called Homegrown Jihad about them and their isolated communities in the U.S. that are sometimes dozens of acres large.

The film contains footage of Sheikh Gilani teaching his recruits all sorts of paramilitary tactics and telling his viewers to go to these Muslims of the Americas sites to receive such training. In December, a confidential law enforcement source gave me two videotapes filmed by the MOA. One showed their female recruits at their “Islamberg” headquarters in New York learning how to slit throats and fight with swords, and simulating ambushes that included firing guns into a lake.

The other was a propaganda tape in which one of the leaders said that they performed a census and found that Muslims are the majority of the American population -- and therefore the U.S. is now a Muslim country that they will defend from all enemies, foreign and domestic. We turned this into a YouTube video that has since had over 140,000 views. As I’ve written, there is also evidence of paramilitary training at other MOA sites, and I continue to receive recordings of gunfire coming from “Holy Islamville” in York County, South Carolina. Since then, MOA has threatened to sue the Christian Action Network for a video we didn’t make. The organization has also released its own “documentary,” which claims that our images of Gilani are digitally created and that we’re part of an evil Zionist conspiracy against Muslims.

The MOA and its defenders continue to say they are peaceful, and it is probably true that many members are not violent and are not receiving paramilitary training. This does not make them moderate. They believe their leader is a descendant of the Prophet Mohammed and acts as a spokesperson for Allah. In fact, he is rabidly anti-Semitic and attributes the attacks of September 11 to a Jewish New World Order conspiracy. He describes Osama bin Laden as a “Saudi activist” and says he has met Jesus and the Mahdi, who will appear in less than ten years. At the very least, we should be concerned about the extremist indoctrination of Gilani's followers.

With this type of mentality, it actually isn’t surprising that MOA is hard at work trying to fix the damage done by Avatar. A report about viewers feeling depressed when they finish the movie and realizing real life will never be as good as the Na’vi homeland is cited as proof of its evil.

“If this Satanic technology in movies and the internet is left unabated then who amongst our youth will be left to defend our country and our ideals? America must wake up to this present danger,” the press release warns. It ends with a plea for CNN to air Gilani’s documentary about “the existence of non-human beings that exist amongst us” who are satanically using the media and politics. Luckily, Gilani has the supernatural power to fix this problem and the group has released video of him lecturing about these beings called the “Jinn.”