Montel Tells PJM He'll Be the 'Worst Thorn' to 2016 Candidates on Veterans Issues

“Sorry, look, he’s the commander in chief. Amir is different in this one regard than the other two hostages. Amir has been held for now almost four years and he is being held for one reason and one reason only: he wore a uniform to protect this democracy,” he added.

Williams, tearing up, said the Obama administration and Congress should defend the individuals who defend the American people.

“I don’t know what it’s going to take for this country to step up to the plate and say you have hawks right now trying to send us to war – hawks trying to send your brother, her daughter, her cousin out to defend us again,” he said.

“What pool of people are you going to pull from when they realize you will not defend them when they end up in a situation like this? So, we better get a grip real quick. Less than .06 percent of this country puts on a uniform or sends their child to do the same thing. We’ve got war coming. Keep playing games with those who serve.”

Williams, an independent, said he was a registered Republican for about 22 years.

“You know what’s really better about that? I owe nobody anything. Nobody funds me. I owe no one anything – that means you have to step up to the plate and give me the right answer to get my vote,” he said. “I’ve been so disenchanted with both that I am going after the party that supports those that support us.”