Monckton: At Last, the Climate Extremists Try to Debate Us! (PJM Exclusive)

“Gore was right and Monckton wrong about sea level”

The first slide of mine that Abraham criticizes is one in which I show the table of contributions to observed sea level rise from various sources as published in the IPCC’s 2007 report, and draw from it the conclusion that the measured contribution of the Greenland and West Antarctic ice sheets to “global warming” is 6 cm/century, while Al Gore’s mawkish sci-fi comedy horror movie predicts 610 cm (20 feet) of imminent sea-level rise.

Abraham again artfully distorts or carefully omits what I actually said.

First, he says that the IPCC predicts 20-50 cm of sea level rise this century, not 6 cm. Well, yes it does, but the reason for the difference is that the IPCC’s figure (which still amounts to below 2 feet, not 20, and it’s actually rising at just 1 ft/century at present, if that) is for sea level rise from all sources, chiefly thermosteric expansion, not just from ice melt.

But Gore’s prediction of a 20 ft sea level rise is, as his movie makes quite clear, based on ice melt alone.

Abraham says Gore was right to worry about a very large rise in sea level because the IPCC specifically excludes ice melt from its calculations, saying it cannot yet be quantified.


The IPCC specifically includes ice melt in its calculations, as the table on my slide showed, but it does add that “dynamic” effects of unpredictable but theoretically possible large-scale failure on the ice sheets are not taken into account.

Abraham says that if either Greenland or the West Antartic ice sheet were to melt, sea level would indeed rise by around 20 feet, and that, he says, is where Gore got his figure.

Just two problems with that.