Modern Democratic 'Fire-Eaters'

Now, if this was simply one raving kook, or two raving kooks bloviating on obscure websites, I suppose we could ignore it.  But Kaul’s demand for criminalizing membership in an advocacy group and proposal to torture people to death for disagreeing with him was published not in an obscure lunatic fringe location, but in a serious daily newspaper: the Des Moines Register.  We can reasonably infer that the editorial staff of that newspaper considered this a perfectly respectable idea as part of the national conversation about gun control. (Imagine what the reaction would be if a conservative newspaper had published an opinion piece calling for abortion-rights advocates to be dragged behind a pickup truck, and for membership in NARAL to be made a criminal matter, in response to a similarly horrifying public tragedy.)

I have a few friends who have of late developed some fairly paranoid ideas that our government is run by to totalitarian thugs intent on suppressing all dissent and creating a police state. Reading something as repugnant as Donald Kaul’s column in a respectable daily newspaper makes me start to wonder if they are paranoid or simply better in touch with the ferocious hatemongering of today's Democratic fire-eaters. Kaul’s willingness to advocate a totalitarian society and his obvious enthusiasm for mass murder and torture, and the Des Moines Register's willingness to print it, make me even more appreciative of the wisdom behind the Second Amendment: there needs to be some popular restraint on this sort of bloodthirsty progressivism.

At this point, you might compare Kaul’s call for confiscation and killing to the insurrectionist argument for the Second Amendment. There is one great difference: the insurrectionist argument is always presented as a horrible last resort in response to tyranny. You will not see any responsible newspaper publish the insurrectionist argument for the Second Amendment with the clear bloodlust of Prof. Loomis or Donald Kaul.  Loomis and Kaul are clearly looking forward to a bloodbath. The louder they demand torture and murder to satisfy their emotional needs, the more Americans will be arming in self-defense.