Mitt Romney Beats Barack Obama — If Republicans Are Smart

Inspiring stuff!  After I saw it, I thought: Imagine Mitt Romney under the hood of the U.S. economic machine, working to fix it come January 2013.  Next, imagine Barack Obama these last nearly three years looking under the hood, rolling his eyes, joking about what the heck he's supposed to do, then slamming the hood down, wiping the oil off his hands, and saying, “That should do the trick.” Meanwhile, the machine continues to sputter. Now, who would you rather have fixing the U.S. economic machine?

Furthermore, Romney has a strong character, as the PARADE cover story reminds us.

Now, if the Republican goal is to nominate the most conservative candidate possible, maybe Romney is not your man. But we did that in 1964 with Barry Goldwater. That didn’t turn out so well, did it?

Remember: The goal is booting Obama out of the White House, not aiding and abetting Obama, who, himself, is trying to knock Romney out of the race with numerous negative ads. Give Obama credit for one thing. He can read polls.

Republicans, if they’re smart, will do likewise -- focusing on the bigger picture: amnesiac Obama, wrapping himself in landslide Teddy’s “Square Deal” mantle, belying his Carter-like record and sagging polls, juxtaposed with Romney’s genuine TR-like leadership aimed squarely at the middle class.

Mitt Romney is just the man our country needs these next four years as we traverse troubled waters -- thanks to the mess Obama is leaving.