Missouri Lawmaker Proposes Memorial to Aborted Babies

Laura McQuade, the CEO of Planned Parenthood in Kansas and mid-Missouri, said Brattin’s proposal was more a human rights violation than it was an abortion restriction.

Brattin, realizing it was again something he said that sparked the Democrats’ anger, told the Kansas City Star his idea was not part of a Republican or pro-life “witch hunt.”

“We are fighting for human life. These pieces of fetal tissue are being sold on the black market,” he said. “We have 56 million babies that have been lost in the abortion service and industry.”

However, Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster said in late September his office had investigated reports that a Planned Parenthood clinic in St. Louis — the only clinic that performs abortions in the state of Missouri — had been selling fetal tissue and body parts, and found no evidence of any wrongdoing.

Koster said his investigators had examined more than 3,500 pages of documents and interviewed people involved in 317 abortions performed at the clinic in June 2015.

“The information and documentation we reviewed did not reveal any irregularities involving the transmission, examination or disposal of the fetal organs and tissue from surgical abortions” performed at the St. Louis clinic.

But Missouri Right to Life officials are not backing down. They said Koster’s report was nowhere close to being adequate.

“Koster has produced a report showing only one month of records without direct evidence of the sale of baby body parts, but does nothing to address why the St. Louis PP operation is noted as an untapped market for fetal trafficking in the first video,” according to a Missouri Right to Life press release.

“And now abortion supporter Koster proudly declares the investigation, and PP, cleared? Not so fast.”

Missouri Right to Life also charged Koster’s report ignores other illegal activity.

“It is illegal for any state-funded entity, personnel, or official to assist, promote, refer, or perform an abortion in Missouri. Period. Koster ignores evidence that the University actively recruited an abortionist and worked directly with the PP facility in Columbia to provide the required licensing for that abortionist.”

So, Missourians will continue their abortion debate in 2016. The House committee, to which Brattin offered his fetal-memorial proposal, is expected to submit a report to the full House during the next legislative session, which as Democrats pointed out is during the 2016 election year.