Minority Republicans Must Stand Up to Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi has made it clear in many ways that she is not going to be an open-minded woman when it comes to the minority Republicans in Congress. Not only is she going to be teaching President Obama who the boss is in Washington, but she's also really not interested in getting anything done for the American people. She wants payback.

On Fox News Sunday, Pelosi broached the subject, or, should I say, beat a dead horse when talking about what she calls the politicizing of the Justice Department. Every Justice Department is politicized; that's why they are called political appointments. To make matters worse, House Democrats recommended a criminal investigation to see if administration officials broke the law in the name of national security. The report cited the interrogation of foreign detainees, warrantless wiretaps, retribution against critics, manipulation of intelligence, and the fired prosecutors. President Obama has been more cautious. He said he believes there is a need to look forward as opposed to looking backward.

So what's the minority Republican caucus to do? The picture of the bully fighting with the little guy comes to mind. The bully holds her arm out and the little guy is swinging and swinging in hopes of just landing a punch. Most of the time, the little guy loses the fight, but sometimes the little guy wins. The Republican minority needs to get into serious training because this is a fight to the finish.

During the first week of the 111th Congress, Pelosi and company stripped away the last remnants of the rules put in place by Newt Gingrich and the Republican revolution to give some voice to the then-minority Democrats. The Republicans gave voice to their minority. Sure, they were in power and the cards were stacked in their favor, but the Democrats were not completely shut out of the process. Nancy Pelosi wants no loyal opposition.