Minnesota Ethics Committee Lawmakers Busted for Extramarital Make-Out Session in Park

Moses wrote that Mack’s pants were pulled down to mid-thigh, revealing blue-teal panties. When he asked her why she was in such a state of undress, Moses said Mack refused to answer but did try to cover herself with her hands.

Although they both claimed Moses lied in his report, Mack and Kelly have now recanted their original stories.

"Since becoming a State Representative in 2009, I have been a strong supporter of our men and women in law enforcement,” Mack said in a statement released today.

“I understand that the Park Ranger was trying to do his job. I have the utmost respect for the work law enforcement does to keep Minnesotans safe and I apologize for offending these great men and women,” she added.

Kelly also issued a statement today in which he said, “After serious reflection on the last two weeks, I can say that I am disappointed in myself for the way I handled my disagreement with a park ranger. I reacted to this in an emotional way and certainly without respect and professionalism.”

“Several of my own family members serve in law enforcement and I have nothing but respect for the entire community. There is a proper way to handle conflicts and as a state representative you should certainly expect me to do so. I apologize to my constituents, to the law enforcement community and to the state of Minnesota,” he added.

The spouses of Rep. Mack and Kelly have not made official comment yet.

However, Minnesota House Speaker Kurt Daudt issued a statement shortly after Kelly and Mack admitted their dalliance in a state park, saying both had resigned from their positions on the House Ethics Committee.