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Mine Rescue: Crisis Shows Chile's President To Be the Kind of Leader That America Desperately Needs

Chilean President Sebastián Piñera is known as the most democratically liberal and capitalistic of all leaders in South America. Flanked by a continent with more than its fair share of despots and tyrants, the contrast to Piñera could not be more evident. Juxtaposed to the abject poverty, misery, and prison-states that despots and tyrants create, the contrast to Chile's vibrant free market economy could not be greater.

Beyond this, Piñera and our own President Barack Obama could not be more polar opposite. Obama is a man motivated by something mostly unfamiliar to Americans -- redistributive anger and envy. Watching the Chilean president these last few days brought me to this.

In President Sebastián Piñera's shoes, Barack Obama would have undeniably acted much differently. He would have turned to his "community organizing" background and been hamstrung by his naive and far-left, us-versus-them philosophical roots. He would have been paralyzed by a toxic combination of arrogant professorial theory and lack of real-world executive experience. He would have attacked the mining company for the entire 69-day affair. He would have done so right off the bat. He would have copped out and stuck to a rigid, defeatist, backwards ideology. And in his failing, he would have put responsibility on everyone around him, except himself.

Look to Obama's attack on BP as his administration, amidst crisis, floundered and flopped like an oil-soaked pelican. Or look to the ludicrous banana republic-esque saber rattling against the Chamber of Commerce as November 2 approaches. Or even the "public enemy number one" fixation on Fox News. Or worse and most damaging to us all, the slavish hostility directed at income earners and entrepreneurs across this nation.

In crisis and challenge, Piñera lifted up his entire nation as an example.

Obama has petulantly, willingly, and unflinchingly brought his down.

Character counts and so do ideas.

What a world we live in to have to look to a Chilean president amidst a human emergency as an example of what America can, and will once again, stand for.