Miller: IRS Only Guilty of 'Providing Horrible Customer Service'

Acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller provided what may turn out to be the misleading understatement of the year today. Under questioning in the House, Miller said "We provided horrible customer service. Horrible customer service. I will admit that."

What the IRS actually did was formulate a "be on the lookout" or BOLO list by which it targeted Tea Party, conservative and pro-life groups systematically for years. It kicked patriots in the face, for years, when they decided to become engaged in the political process.

Again under questioning, Miller admitted that this "horrible customer service" did not stop him from promoting Sarah Hall Ingram from the tax-exempt office that abused these groups, to head the implementation of ObamaCare.

If the office Ingram headed provided such "horrible customer service," then why did Miller promote her?

"Because she is an exemplary civil servant," Miller replied, evidently creating a new definition of the word "exemplary."

Miller also offered up another memorable line when questioned about his previous testimony, in which he failed to acknowledge that the targeting had taken place. "It was incorrect but not untruthful," Miller said.