Middle East Cage Match: Bibi or Barry?

Was Winston Churchill “in real trouble” when he took over from Neville Chamberlain in 1940 after war had broken out? Not at all -- the English supported Churchill because they could see no alternative to war. Churchill projected strength, and that is what they needed most of all. It was Chamberlain who had to resign as prime minister and apologize in public for his failed appeasement policy. Chamberlain was in trouble, not Churchill.

This week the pundits seem to have decided all together that Benyamin Netanyahu is in real trouble today, supposedly because Barack Obama has “humiliated him” and put him in a double bind. It ain’t so, and the attempt by leftoids to portray Netanyahu as “humiliated” is nonsense.

Yes, Obama, in his usual subtle fashion, attempted to humiliate Netanyahu. But Obama is also an expert liar and faker, who believes that “the appearance of power” is power. It’s all by the book, Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

This whole media narrative is nonsense, for any number of reasons. Here are just some.

1. Humiliation?

Someone can spit in my face to try to humiliate me. Whether I am therefore humbled and shamed -- actually humiliated -- as a result of that is up to me. Netanyahu comes from a people who thugs and gangsters have attempted to humiliate throughout history. Egyptian slavery is humiliation, but it became part of the defining narrative of the Jews. In the Hebrew Bible every single imperial power in the neighborhood invades the land of Israel and the land of Judah. They still keep their identity -- and they are not really as peaceful as they’re sometimes cracked up to be. The dynamic of humiliation by an enemy followed by fierce resistance is pretty much coded in their biblical genes.

The same thing goes on in the Christian Bible. The Romans were brutal conquerors, after all, and Jesus was a rebel against Imperial Rome and its local puppets. So there’s nothing new about resistance to thuggery in the history of Israel.

2. Netanyahu isn’t Obama

Most men and women in Israel have faced the possibility of violent death --  not just their own, but that of their children and parents. Israel was founded by such people. They train and train to meet that danger without flinching, if there is no alternative.  Jonathan Netanyahu, Bibi’s brother, was killed at Entebbe leading a rescue raid of Air France air passengers who were being held hostage by thugocrat Idi Amin. Bibi’s father fought with the Irgun. His kids have done their service in the IDF.

Netanyahu is a hundred times the man Obama could ever be. Obama is a manipulator, an ideologue, and a liar. He sat for twenty years at the feet of a real racial hate monger, Jeremiah Wright. There is simply no doubt about these facts. Even the Democrats can’t deny it anymore.

Would you bet on a Chicago pol against an Israeli special ops guy? I wouldn’t.

3. More support

Since Obama administered his “public humiliation,” more Israelis and friends of Israel have come out in support of Israel and its prime minister than ever before. This isn’t personal. Netanyahu is the highest elected official of a sovereign people. Imagine Gorbachev trying to publicly humiliate Ronald Reagan in this way. How would Americans have felt? Even the Democrats would have had to fake a little public protest to cover their rears.

Only 9% of Israelis now believe that Barry is actually pro-Israel. The mask is off. In addition, the Israeli left is now being deeply embarrassed. This is important because it is a very delusional left, just like ours. The parliamentary opposition can’t afford to look like they are kneeling down to Barack Obama, or they will lose whatever popular support they still have.