When Will MSM Admit Its Role in Advancing the Racialist ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Lie?

And the same could be said for the other top story on the program, the arrest of Martese Johnson.  The video causing so much consternation is here (coarse language), but absent more information, it is more inflammatory than instructive.  Johnson can be seen bleeding from a wound on his head, but whatever caused the wound happened before the video starts.  None of the three officers present punches or kicks him or does anything to him other than try to get him in handcuffs, which he resists with some vigor while calling them “f***ing racists.”  A bystander can be heard saying that the officers merely wanted to check Johnson’s identification after they saw him refused entry at one of the bars near campus.  Maybe the officers were out of line, but there is nothing in the video that comes close to proving it.

And yet, judging from Johnson’s ubiquity in the media since his arrest, he will be the next civil rights hero in the pantheon whose latest inductees are Michael Brown and Eric Garner, though fortunately for Johnson, he didn’t have to suffer the inconvenience of dying to achieve this status.

So, if CNN intended this hour of television to be a re-examination of its own role and that of the media at large in the propagation of the “hands up, don’t shoot” myth, they allowed it to be sidetracked by two stories that fed this very myth.  Just as bad, the show featured more panelists than one could keep track of, none of whom, including David Klinger, was given enough time to expound on his point of view without being interrupted.  The takeaway, which had to be CNN’s intent, was that while Darren Wilson may have been exonerated by the Justice Department, he’s probably guilty anyway, because look at the cesspool of racism that employed him.

The myth is dead, the myth is dead.  Long live the myth.