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Michelle Obama: Make it a 'Christmas Treat' to Discuss Obamacare 'Around the Table'

Anyone who suspected that Pajama Boy was an ironic move intended to stir discussion can rest assured that they're wrong. Michelle Obama wants us all to be Pajama Boy.

MICHELLE OBAMA: "This is the beauty of it. People have choices. They can go on to the website; they can talk to a navigator; they can learn for themselves what the law means and what it doesn’t mean. And that's really, really what we want people to do, is educate yourselves. Get that education. Make the choice that's best for your family, because the options are there. So we are, again, very grateful to you all. And we urge everyone out there who has a story to share it. And we urge people to reach out. And if they’ve signed up their child, then sign up their friends. If you’ve got grandkids, make it a Christmas treat around the table to talk about a little health care. (Laughter.) Ring in the New Year with new coverage."

None of what she said is actually true. Under Obamacare choices have been reduced, and we're mandated to buy insurance or face the IRS. You can't really just go on the website and get coverage. Healthcare.gov is still dysfunctional and isn't processing payments to insurers. Talking to Obamacare navigators is an exercise in putting your personal information at great risk. The navigator groups are a collection of leftwing activists -- think pimp-helping ACORN -- that don't vet employees to make sure there are no criminals in their ranks. The First Lady has therefore just committed what would be considered consumer fraud if she were CEO of a private company.

Thank goodness she's only half the presidency...

Mrs. Obama may have her holidays confused. Obamacare isn't a treat, it's a vast, galactic-scale trick.