Michelle Obama Flubs Candidate’s Name and Fibs About His Background

Bruce’s last name is not Bailey. But Michelle Obama said it was. Over and over again while speaking in Iowa. Bruce is not a Marine Corps veteran. But Michelle Obama said he was. In fact, Michelle Obama didn’t correct Bruce’s last name until well into her speech after an attendee in the audience corrected her by shouting it out. Then and only then did Michelle Obama restore his name.

Hint: Campaign Signs Prove It’s Not Bailey

Yet FLOTUS offered a backhanded apology that fell flat with most attendees, not to mention her critics, and resembles a larger Obama family trait aka "shifting the blame." She didn’t exactly take personal responsibility for her on-camera bloopers, but instead blamed her errors on her dizzying travel schedule (which really boils down to her staffers). Really? How many political surrogates get their candidates' names wrong? None. And what would traveling have to do with proper pronunciation and relaying one’s background accurately? Nothing. So in essence FLOTUS is not only blaming staffers she employs (your tax moolah at work), but is unprepared and inadequate to be a political surrogate. She proved she doesn’t have the backbone or finesse to apologize and own up to her own flubs. And lucky for us, this one was caught on camera.

He’s Not a Veteran (But His Opponent Is)

And Bruce? Well let’s just say he won’t be hiring FLOTUS to stump his campaign any time soon. After all, he wouldn’t want her to continue butchering “Braley” or pitch him as a reservist when he never served our country. His dad served at Iwo Jima but he’s not running.

And how did the competition deal with this? Very well, as you'll see on the next page.