Michele Bachmann Does Founding Mothers — and the Rest of Us — Proud

For one thing, she has gone in a very short time from being bashed by Obamaphile Chris Matthews as a “balloon head” to being strangely touted as Matthews tries to take credit for launching her career. That Michele Bachmann is the beneficiary of the left’s backfiring Palin polarization should go without saying; it’s patently obvious (to all but Ed Rollins, apparently). But Bachmann has earned her own turn in the spotlight, too.

Rising in Congress as a perfect, genuinely feminist antidote to Nancy Pelosi’s disgusting spoiled-princess reign in the People’s House, Bachmann took the stage again and again to have common American voices heard in the ObamaCare battle. And just this month, in the New Hampshire debate, Bachmann stood front and center, declaring: “I will not rest until ObamaCare is repealed [...]. It’s a promise -- take it to the bank, cash the check.”

Spoken like a real woman who means business.

Bachmann’s political career was launched in Minnesota from a citizen activist’s platform. Hollywood could have made a movie out of it, guaranteed to top the box office receipts of Norma Rae. The little homemaking mother of five marched into Minnesota politics on what is still one of her most passionate issues -- abortion. Speaking at a local board meeting, convened to discuss taxpayer funding for a regional hospital that performed many abortions yearly, Mrs. Bachmann summed up her opposition with a political aplomb rarely seen -- even on the national stage -- stating boldly, “in effect, since 1973, I have been a landlord of an abortion clinic, and I don’t like that distinction.” Now, liberal women love to claim that they represent all women. But Michele Bachmann reveals that claim as a lie nearly every time she opens her lovely mouth to speak on behalf of the hordes of other American women.

Bachmann served as a tax attorney for the IRS (her only negative, it seems) before taking the homemaker helm full-time for the benefit of her children. After her citizen activism brought a voice to traditional Minnesota families, she entered formal politics, serving six years in her state’s legislature before taking on the beltway. Michele Bachmann has only been in Congress since 2006, but has blazed a leadership trail that has made her an undeniable stand-out.

As an early-bird supporter of the Tea Party, Michele Bachmann was chosen to give a special common-voters’ response to Obama’s last State of the Union address, which she carried off well despite vociferous attacks from elitists in both parties. Bachmann carries love for America in her bosom, which more than equals the “fire in the belly” espoused by Palin. Bachmann has 10 years’ maturity on Palin; that’s a positive in my book.

So, from where I’m sitting -- one woman carefully watching -- Michele Bachmann grows daily in my respect. She carries on her motherly shoulders quite a lot of genuine feminist hopes.

And I’m not ashamed to say that I do think it’s high time we saw what a capable woman could do with the American presidency.

Godspeed, Mrs. Bachmann. Give ‘em hell for all of us.