Merry Christmas: Obama Engineers the Death Panels' Return

So...what else did you get for Christmas?  Maybe a new computer?  Or a new router to speed up your home network?

Well, you also got federal meddling in the Internet via the FCC.  Merry Christmas!  Once again, this is Obama imposing his will in spite of what the American people want.  As Rich Lowry writes, we're seeing a triumph of bureaucracy over small-r republican governance.

More than half of likely voters don't want the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to regulate the Web as it does radio and television, according to a survey from Rasmussen Reports.

Fifty-four percent of likely voters oppose such regulation, while just 21 percent support it, according to the survey of likely voters taken just after the FCC last week approved Chairman Julius Genachowski's plan to prevent discrimination by Internet service providers against certain websites or applications.

The people oppose, even the courts oppose in this case, yet Obama rolls ahead anyway.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

Sarah Palin took and continues to take heat for the "death panels" rhetoric, but she was right.  She was smart enough to see what Obama intended, and she was strong enough to take the heat for pointing it all out, and never backed down.  Just thought I'd point that out.

The onus is now on the Republicans to push back on Obama's regulatory advances in the 112th Congress.  That's what they were elected to do, and it's clear that post-shellacking Barack Obama intends to advance as much of his agenda as he can get away with.  Evidently, fighting Obama's regulatory state is what the Republicans plan to do.  The next two years should prove to be very interesting.