Members of Congress Pressured from All Sides in Final Hours Before Health Care Vote

In the run-up to the final vote on the Obama administration's health care proposal, the American Conservative Union today released its list of potential swing votes, urging recipients to "stand up, speak out, and voice your opinion ..."

FirstLastDistrictStateDC PhoneDistrict Phone
JohnAdler3NJ(202) 225-4765(732) 608-7235
JasonAltmire4PA(202) 225-2565(724) 378-0928
BrianBaird3WA(202) 225-3536(360) 695-6292
JohnBoccieri16OH(202) 225-3876(330) 489-4414
RickBoucher9VA(202) 225-3861(276) 628-1145
AllenBoyd2FL(202) 225-5235(850) 561-3979
ChristopherCarney10PA(202) 225-3731(570) 644-1682
GerryConnolly11VA(202) 225-1492(703) 256-3071
KathyDahlkemper3PA(202) 225-5406(814) 456-2038
JoeDonnelly2IN(202) 225-3915(574) 288-2780
BradEllsworth9IN(202) 225-4636(812) 465-6484
StephanieHerseth SandlinALSD(202) 225-2801(605) 367-8371
TimHolden17PA(202) 225-5546(610) 921-3502
FrankKratovil1MD(202) 225-5311(443) 262-9136
BetsyMarkey4CO(202) 225-4676(970) 221-7110
HarryMitchell5AZ(202) 225-2190(480) 946-2411
GlennNye2VA(202) 225-4215(757) 326-6201
TomPerriello5VA(202) 225-4711(276) 656-2291
EarlPomeroyALND(202) 225-2611(701) 224-0355
MikeRoss4AR(202) 225-3772(870) 881-0681
IkeSkelton4MO(202) 225-2876(816) 228-4242
JohnTanner8TN(202) 225-4714(731) 885-7070

The ACU list includes several representatives who are reported elsewhere to have made a decision, such as Betsy Markey (D-CO), who was reported in Politico to have announced her intention to vote "yes."

The differing lists show the difficulty of vote-counting the last few House members  to announce their decisions. Under pressure from the House leadership and President Obama on one hand, but aware of the polls and pressure from constituents on the other, it has become a game of "chicken" on all sides: wait too long and they risk being the vote that appears to decide the fate of the bill, yea or nay. But as long as they haven't announced their votes, they have the opportunity to be offered bigger "carrots" in the form of potential political spoils.

Pajamas Media has attempted to contact these House members, both in D.C. and at their in-district offices, but has been unable to get through.

[Update: Roll Call reports that more than 100,000 calls per hour have been arriving at the Capitol, twice the phone system's capacity, for the last four days.]