MEK Is Not Part of the Iranian Opposition!

After Rajavi fled Iran and was deported from Europe, he went to Iraq and joined forces with Saddam Hussein’s military against Iranian soldiers in exchange for money, a camp, and security. Mr. and Mrs. Rajavi made an unknown amount of money from bank robberies in Iran, millions of dollars from Saddam Hussein, and have raised millions of dollars by having their cult members beg for money in international airports around the world for many years while living in communal housing.

In American culture there are groups who live in communal settings and camps, outside society. They follow a charismatic leader and his dictatorial rules and live for a communal goal set by the leader. They are devoid of individuality or a will of their own. These groups are typically called “cults.” Iranians call MEK "the black Marxist cult," black being the color of Islam.

MEK has never joined the Iranian diaspora or the opposition groups inside the country. MEK has chosen seclusion, and is not part of Iranian society. Mr. and Mrs. Rajavi have appointed themselves presidents of Iran, voted in by their cult members.

The people of Iran don’t need another batch of Islamist dictators who are even more dangerous than the existing Khomeinism. Iranian Americans oppose another self-appointed Islamist jihadist being incorporated into efforts to overturn the current mullah-led government in Tehran.

The Rajavis know that they have no place among the Iranian people, that they are not welcome. Therefore, they are trying to get themselves installed in Iran by foreign powers. In 1978, Ayatollah Khomeini lied to the people of Iran and the world. Many believed him a man of God, peaceful and humanitarian. Let us not make the same mistake by advocating for another anti-American Islamist jihadist.

The Iranian opposition’s proposal for Iran is to end any and all useless dialogues, trade, negotiations, and talks because all of that violates the human rights of the people of Iran. The Iranian opposition’s proposal for Iran is for America to give total support to the grassroots underground freedom movements of women, labor, and youth. Weaken the regime, and let the people of Iran become our free friends and allies.