Meet the Happy Hookers in Service to Our Troops

Oh, dear readers, I’ve got a really wicked treat for you to start your week. I’m introducing you to a group of women who are so generous and self-sacrificing they’re gonna make you cry. They call themselves the “Happy Hookers” and they do all their good deeds for our troops serving around the world in harm’s way.

If your mind is in the gutter, get it out of there. There are lots more ways for women to be hooking happily than the one you might be thinking of.

These particular Happy Hookers do it with crochet hooks and knitting needles, wielded by their loving hands all the year through, hand-hooking snuggly, warm, soft scarves and hats for our troops to wear in those oh-so-brutally-cold winter months in Afghanistan and Iraq.  All over America these happy hookers hook with love for men and women they will most likely never see.


I just wanted to say thank you for spending time and energy to make deployed Soldiers feel special -- your beautiful scarves really made a difference for me. I have one for myself and have another to give my beautiful daughter the next time I see her. Your gesture really makes a difference.

Kindest Regards,

(a soldier in Iraq, name withheld for security reasons)

Sappy? Quite. Corny? Very. Virtuous? Definitely. Truly altruistic? Undoubtedly.

In this modern age, selfishness and egocentrism parade about in the public square with bold, painted-gaudy faces. Such humble acts of happy-hooking and generous virtuosity often get lost as this very quiet modesty hides in plain sight.  But the selfless generosity for which Americans have always been known still lives and breathes -- even thrives and multiplies! -- right before our eyes.

Take a few moments now to see what I learned this week from a few Happy Hookers and let your own life be enriched and inspired as mine has been.