Meet Obama’s Handpicked Successor

Nevermind that the roads, schools, and other government services she cites are paid for overwhelmingly by the wealthy and not “the rest of us.” At the heart of Warren’s rhetoric lies the claim of a conqueror over the conquered. Consider this excerpt from a Daily Kos author lauding Warren:

I'm currently reading David Graeber's, Debt: The First 5,000 Years. At bottom, debts and contracts are the same thing - they're obligations. When we specify the terms of the "social contract," we're defining the obligations of the members of society. What Graeber documents is that conquerors often claim the moral high ground by insisting the conquered are indebted to the conquerors: "We could have killed you, but we spared your lives. Now you owe us."

The Daily Kos applies this in reverse, viewing the wealthy as conquerors of the weak. In truth, public roads, public education, and other government services all manifest from force. Warren citing them as evidence of a “debt” to society is like a warden citing prison food as evidence of “debt” to the prison. A basic tenet of contract law is that all parties must enter into agreements freely, not under coercion.

The most dangerous of villains believe themselves to be heroes. The greatest evil proceeds from a perceived moral high ground. Elizabeth Warren views government theft as legitimate debt collection. Worse, she has the demonstrable ability to convince others. It’s no wonder Obama sees her has his presidential heir.

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