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Meanwhile, there is Slaughter in Syria

I flunked arithmetic, so I'm not saying much about the Big Deal.  But it should be noted that last Friday, 194 Syrians in total died. 123 people were killed in Dara'a alone.

That's a big number, although Young Dr. Assad has a ways to go before he matches his father's mass murder of twenty or thirty thousand in Hama back in the glory days of the Syrian Baathist regime.

Which logically leads us to the question that should certainly be asked at tomorrow's press conferences at the White House, the UN, and the Department of State:  what about that presidential statement to the effect that America cannot stand by silently when a tyrant is slaughtering his people?

If it's good enough for Qadaffi it's good enough for Assad, don't you think?  Indeed, the Assad case is far more important, because he kills Americans.

But that's the issue nobody wants to talk about.  Not even the ferocious Valkyries (Hillary, Susan Rice and Samantha Power.  To which we really should add Valerie Jarrett, the president's closest confidante this side of Michelle.  You know, the woman born in Shiraz, Iran, who is said to speak Farsi?).