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Math Is Coming

But Math can't be ignored and won't compromise. We can plead and cry all day about how much spending cuts will hurt those in need, but this will not move Math. It's a remorseless adding machine, and it will eventually balance its numbers and doesn't care what it will have to destroy in the process. But the politicians don't believe this, and while Obama has so little concern about Math that he sometimes even taunts it ("Obamacare will reduce the deficit!"), some of us see what Math did to Greece and wonder when it's coming for us. Thus we few ask for spending cuts, as they’re all that will save us. I know it'll be hard to tell a five year old he won't get the exact same Medicare coverage as his grandma -- especially since he won't understand what you're talking about -- but that's the only way to turn Math's wrath.

People don't want to listen. But Math is coming. It's $16 trillion in debt and growing, and one day it will rise out of the water, and even those ignoring it will finally be afraid and gasp, "We're going to need a bigger boat."

No, you idiots! Haven't you been listening? We need a smaller boat. One we can actually afford.

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