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Maryland State Police, FBI SWAT Teams Thwart ... Guy with a Few Guns

How his home came to be raided should be of great concern to every American. All media accounts suggest that he was informed on by a fellow citizen who apparently had few facts correct (no "machine gun-style firearms," handguns, or large caches of ammunition were recovered) and a police officer who felt not liking how the election turned out, having security cameras, and being a "prepper" constituted a threat that needed to be responded to with a combined-arms raid of infantry, armor, and air power.

Fashionably attired and heavily armed agents from the Baltimore FBI SWAT team exit the Washington Co. (MD) Special Response Team's $240,000-$300,000 Lenco Bearcat G3 armored vehicle to perform a raid on non-violent suspect Terry Allen Porter.

Porter's crimes were so severe that he is already out on bail.

Whatever Porter's criminal history of 20 years ago, only the crackpot informant who made the initial charge against Porter described him as a threat. Neighbors felt he was a good man with a mistake in his past who was unfairly targeted:

Heather Hamilton, 35, who lives at 18809 Burnside Bridge Road, around the corner from Porter’s house, said Friday that a Maryland State Police trooper went to her home Thursday to talk to her about what was going on and mentioned that it was regarding a man she had known since childhood.

“You had helicopters flying over, SWAT crews down here, excavation equipment was brought in, and armored vehicles,” she said. “It was ridiculous for (the man), who would not hurt another person for anything. Unless you would attack him, he’s not going to go after anyone.”

She said she viewed the operation as “a big waste of taxpayer money.”


Allen Crampton, 40, who lives on Mills Road, said he and Porter attended Sharpsburg Elementary School at the same time, although in different grades.

“He doesn’t deserve what happened to him yesterday,” Crampton said.

As an individual, I couldn't care less about Terry Allen Porter.

As an American, I am appalled that an informant (who rather frankly appears to have been a liar) and scant evidence brought forth by an undercover cop who saw no actual criminal activity were enough to launch a massive paramilitary raid against a citizen without a history of violence.

It's just the latest example of a police state run amok, where agencies use overwhelming force where it isn't remotely needed to justify the $202 combat pants,  $240,000-$300,000 Bearcat G3 armored vehicles, real machine guns, helicopters, military-grade body armor, and other "toys" rarely needed by law enforcement, but pimped out by an over-reaching and ever-more invasive Department of Homeland Security and Inappropriate Touching (DHSIT).

Luckily, Porter wasn't home at the time of the raid, or he likely would have ended up as dead as Jose Guerena Ortiz.