Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments: A Blueprint, and a Truth Laid Bare

In addition to this, The Liberty Amendments has a second benefit. Maybe I would best classify it as secondary, but it’s there, blaring red, the book’s greatest potential to be a weapon in the restoration of constitutional supremacy.

Pretend -- assuming you must pretend -- you are a leftist reviewing The Liberty Amendments with an eye towards dismantling it. Through Levin’s arguments for supporting his proposals and the accompanying references to the Founders' intentions, you cannot avoid the conclusion that America was founded for the sole purpose of combating the inevitable, predictable rise of statism.

That is, America exists -- the Founders and their contemporaries fought and died -- to provide their descendants with tools to crush what became known as the Democratic Party. You may remain a leftist knowing this, but you cannot remain a patriot, and any leftist reviewer would need to sustain considerable intellectual honesty to avoid this conclusion.

Now that’s a useful book.