March PalinTracker

Palin news never stops. Every month there are thousands of pieces written about a woman most of the writers in the MSM want to persuade you doesn't matter at all. Methinks they all protest too much...but someone has to sift through them, pick the best, and put it all in perspective.  -- Your Loyal PalinTracker

February 24

Do we detect a note of glee? Even GOP activists are turning against Sarah Palin.

Ann Althouse is first to ask:

Remember when Sarah Palin was asked "What is the Bush Doctrine?" It was a painful, embarrassing episode for her. Here's a question for producing new gotcha moments for selected politicians: What is the Obama doctrine?

February 26

Palin dishes on the 2000 mile Iron Dog competition: I think these guys are the toughest men on the planet. Husband Todd Palin came close to winning.

Ann Coulter: It would be a "step down" for Sarah Palin to run for president.

February 27

In yet another in the endless stream of sexual slurs from liberal men -- not the Iron Dog variety -- Chris Matthews promotes derogatory, sexual video making fun of Palin.

February 28

Lloyd Marcus: Sarah Palin: Even conservatives duped by liberal media branding:

The Left launched their "Sarah Palin is Stupid" campaign the next day after her incredible VP nomination acceptance speech. A woman, pretty, smart, witty, confident and bold with an ability to inspire and fire up the conservative base, Sarah Palin was the Left's worst nightmare. They were livid. The only thing which could have made it worse would have been if Palin was black. The Left would have surely lost their minds. The clarion call went out,"Palin MUST be destroyed!"

Group wants Sarah Palin ignored -- for one week:

An online petition declaring this week "Ignore Sarah Palin Week" has attracted more than 32,000 signatures. "We've tried debating her, arguing with her, boycotting her, voting against her, and yet...she keeps coming back. Much like a vampire or a nasty fungus," reads the petition posted on Left Action.