Mara Liasson is Mystified that Hillary Clinton's Handpicked Benghazi Investigation Did In Fact Leave Stones Unturned

I'm watching Fox Special Report. Mara Liasson is on the panel, and she's incredulous that Hillary Clinton's handpicked Accountability Review Board would not have wanted to interview anyone and everyone who had anything relevant to say about Benghazi. It's a total mystery to her.

The purpose of the Accountability Review Board was not mysterious. Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appointed it to investigate her own department about its own inaction before and during the Benghazi attack. The fact that State was accused of ignoring security requests in the months leading up to the attack suggests that Clinton may have had something to hide. She or people close to her may have been negligent in their duties to secure Americans working for her in Libya, a country that bears her fingerprints after the revolution to oust Ghaddafi. But she had to give the appearance of seeking facts. So she appointed the ARB. Its purpose was to exist and look busy until the election, then exonerate Clinton after the election. Its investigation was never impartial. It's hardly a shock that it did not want to hear from everyone who has information about the attack. Some of us wrote about all this at the time Clinton appointed the ARB to do her bidding.

Well, it's a shock to Mara Liasson, despite the fact that she has been in Washington forever. But as the title of this post suggests, she's hardly the most impressive member of the Fox lineup. Fox can find informed and savvy pundits for its panel. Instead, it keeps turning to Liasson.