Mapping the 'Food Deserts' with Mike and Michelle

The highly touted Michelle Obama/Mike Huckabee Fox News interview is over and the text of the transcript has been made public. Other than Mike mentioning the “horrors of our political climate today,” the dialogue was extremely courteous. Nevertheless, nestled within the discussion were revelations that an overly gracious Huckabee failed to address.

Michelle began the interview by telling the former Arkansas governor that the family’s pediatrician warned that the body mass indexes of Sasha and Malia were ticking upward. In response, the first lady said the family ate out less often and she cooked “a little bit more.” A tiny bit of pre-interview research would have revealed Michelle wasn’t the cook in Chicago; Sam Kass was. Kass, a healthy cooking specialist, worked in the Windy City as personal chef for the Obama family and is presently on the White House staff at the behest of the Obamas.

Just a few months ago the liberal press trumpeted the scandalous revelation that Sarah Palin“didn’t cook for her family.” Truth is, Palin got rid of the state-paid chef at the governor's mansion in Juneau and was featured in Esquire magazine giving grandson Tripp’s father, Levi Johnson, a tutorial on how to marinate a roast. Governor Palin dismissed a gratis chef, but is branded as someone who doesn’t cook for her family. Meanwhile, Michelle Obama’s less than forthright family cook comments go unchallenged by Mike Huckabee.

Further along the interview trajectory, Michelle told the the former governor: “Families don’t even know how modern-day life has really changed the way our kids move and eat.” Huckabee forfeited an opening to challenge Mrs. Obama to expand on what it is she believes Americans “don’t know.” Interspersed throughout the interview was the underlying thread suggesting Michelle believed Americans are basically simpletons in need of a bureaucratic schoolmarm.

Huckabee gave the first lady a gratuitous opportunity to defend against “Let’s Move” policy critics.  Mike said: “Some say, ‘Oh this is going to lead to a nanny state. The government telling us what we can eat.' Are those fears fair, or are they unfounded?”

Michelle responded, “Well, this is the one thing that this initiative isn’t. Because I’ve spoken to a lot of experts about this issue, and the one thing that they haven’t said it that government telling people what to do is the answer. This is not a government intervention.”