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Manipulating Death: The Nation’s Grievance Industry

Revealing the settings of his own racial compass, even the nation’s president seemingly bought into that perspective. At a Rose Garden press conference, President Obama mused: “You know, if I had a son, he’d look like Treyvon.” Meaning exactly what?

Obama’s racial instincts aren’t surprising. He’s shown a disturbing tendency to whip out the race card. In 2009, Obama awkwardly commented on an incident involving Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates: Gates had been arrested for disorderly conduct by the Cambridge police, and lacking facts, Obama said the Cambridge police had “acted stupidly.” Evidence showed otherwise.

But let’s get back to Toure’s point: For young black men, the frightening reality is that they do face the constant threat of violent death. But what Toure can’t admit is that the danger doesn’t come from some overzealous neighborhood watch-type, a “racist cop,” or from bigoted skinheads or white supremacists. To the contrary, the threat comes most often from other young black males.

As City Journal Contributing Editor Heather Mac Donald has pointed out, and as I have often written about, 93 percent of all black homicide victims from 1980 to 2008 were killed by other blacks.

New evidence may reveal that George Zimmerman has a racist past. But to date, no facts have emerged showing this to be the case, and a court of law will eventually sort out the facts and assign guilt or innocence in the death of Trayvon Martin.

So why have there been such frenetic, desperate attempts by the nation’s race-hustlers to label Zimmerman, a man of mixed-ethnicity, a racist? Obviously, people other than whites can be, and often are, racists. However, the knee-jerk attempts to brand Zimmerman some sort of white racist fits an agenda that -- despite astounding racial progress over the landscape of fifty short years -- seeks to chain America to its Jim Crow past purely for political and financial purposes.

What else explains black leaders ginned-up apoplexy over the murky shooting death of a black teenager by a half-Latino? The truth: only a handful of black youths like Trayvon Martin are killed annually under such strange circumstances. However, the disproportionate rate at which blacks kill other blacks is an ugly and routine fact in urban areas all across America, yet is simply considered racial “dirty laundry” within America’s race industry.