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Male Crossdressers Fight for Equal Rights in Women's Paradise of Saudi Arabia

Abdul Mohamed Mahammed Ali Abdul said the following in a statement before his decapitation: “It is very hard being a man and watching the women go around and get all the benefits. I am very ashamed to say I wanted some of those benefits! I am a human being, too, just like a woman is. I bleed as she bleeds. I just wanted to feel like I am a human being, instead of just this man thing at the mercy of the world around me. They have it so good! Are you surprised that I was envious and tempted? I feared death, but not as much as I feared living my entire life never tasting the delicious, joyous freedom of being a woman. May Allah forgive me.”

It is well-known that woman have special treatment and rights in Saudi Arabia. For example, they have a right to either walk or be chauffeured everywhere they go, whereas men must drive. They have a right to stay home and cook and clean for their husband, as opposed to men, who have to go out of the home to make friends and work and provide for themselves and their families. Additionally, women have the right to do what their husbands tell them to do. Saudi spokesperson Mohammed Mohammed Alaki said, “Women in our country don’t have to make any decisions or worry about anything. Their husbands make all the decisions. It is a very luxurious life our women lead. Without the burqa, a woman has to worry about how she looks and about being a unique individual in some way or being looked at by a man other than her husband. The burqa takes away all that worry. It takes away their individuality and makes them not have to be anything so they can experience the relaxing feeling of being worth less than nothing.”

An advocacy group supporting a Muslim man’s right to crossdress, the Islamic Crossdressers Society, released a statement: “Abdul Mohamed Mahammed Ali Abdul is a martyr. He is a victim of our society’s bigoted mentality. Why should a woman be the only one regarded to have evil, seductive qualities? My colleagues and I want to be considered evil and seductive, too. Why should women be the only ones to have the freedom to be compelled to dress in a burqa? A burqa is comfortable! And a man has a desire to rest once in a while from his life of independence and oppression, to don the burqa and go out of the house without having to decide where to go, and the peace of not being able to drive, but having to walk. It is a moral outrage to keep this from him! The burqa should be for everyone!”



Disclaimer: No politicians or Saudis were hurt in the writing of this article, nor were they actually even interviewed or quoted.

Sunny Lohmann is a political satirist whose videos have gotten a lot of attention in the blogosphere. Find out more about Sunny by checking out her blog, House of Sunny.  Follow her on Facebook here, and enjoy her most recent Youtube videos here: