Male Crossdressers Fight for Equal Rights in Women's Paradise of Saudi Arabia

A Saudi Arabian man was arrested and executed last week for impersonating women, that incredibly fortunate class of Saudis. He was caught wearing a burqa, the only thing other than a niquab that women are allowed to wear in Saudi Arabia. The burqa is a dress that covers a woman from head to toe in order to hide her evil parts, which is her entire being, including her eyes, which can be so powerfully seductive in some cases as to render a man insensible. It is big and unshapely, making it so easy for a man to hide under that it is hard to know just how prevalent these crossdressers are. The Saudi Arabian government is cracking down as incidents of male crossdressing rise. Sources say this is due to the ease with which it can be accomplished. Also, the prospect of being treated like a female in an Islamic nation -- for even just a little bit of time -- is too tempting for many men to resist.

Abdul Mohamed Mahammed Ali Abdul, arrested in late January, was caught red-handed on the street because his burqa was just a tad too short. When too much of his leg showed, he began to be stoned to death by passersby and threw off the burqa to show he was really a man and therefore had no evil parts to hide, and so shouldn’t be stoned to death for not hiding them.

Unfortunately for him, it is also against the law to impersonate a Saudi woman -- because of all the benefits they receive. In fact, it is a capital offense because of the intense religious feelings against men getting any of the usual perks that women get. (The strict penalty came in 1979 after an all-male, burqa-wearing protest.) Since it is so hard to catch a crossdressing man because the burka is so unshapley, they made the penalty of being caught very stiff as their only means of deterrent. The fear of reprisals is the only thing holding back most Saudi men from crossdressing on a regular basis. The only time a man may wear a burqa by law is to aid in perpetrating a terrorist attack. Many men sign up for these suicide missions just to escape their male prison.