Making Conservatives Less Angry

Conservatives are very angry these days. I haven't seen conservatives this angry since the last time a Democrat was president. So the anger is probably because the president is black. While that might not seem so bad, conservative anger could lead to something disastrous: their mobilizing to vote against Democrats.

If that occurs, what happens to the Democrats’ dream of spending lots of money on seemingly random things? One day the American people will become enlightened enough to surrender democracy to their betters, who would give them such rewards as free (FREE!) health care, but until then conservative anger has to be dealt with. If not, crazy people like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck will force absolutely anyone who happens to be an avowed Communist out of public office.

Despite the apparent menace, imprisonment of conservatives for their dangerous attitudes is not yet an option (we'll be pushing that bill right before the midterm elections). Thus we must make other efforts to quell conservative anger. Here are some ideas:

How to make conservatives less angry

Actively ignore them: The most basic strategy to try and keep conservatives from being so angry is to never, ever listen to them. If they try to discuss an issue with you, just cover your ears and scream, "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" If they realize there is no chance we'll even listen to them, maybe they'll decide to just give up trying to have their uneducated viewpoints.

Call them racists: If we shout "Racist!" every time they say something, maybe they'll finally reflect on the racism that motivates them against a black president and give up whatever silly cause they think they're pushing. If they dispute the racism accusation, point out how sensitive they are about the charge and how that further proves it's true (people who really aren't racist shouldn't have any problem with being called racist). If further evidence is needed, point out to them that the president is black and they are white and that it's obvious to everyone that a white person saying bad things about an underprivileged black person is quite racist. If the conservative isn't white, though, this can be confusing. Make sure to give that person a pamphlet describing the political views he is supposed to have based on his race. If the person doesn’t read the pamphlet, you might have to try using a racial slur. It's okay, if the person deserves it.

Point out how much smarter Obama is than they are: Obama is obviously very smart (obviously!), but somehow conservatives are overlooking that simple fact. Maybe they'll be less angry if we keep emphasizing how Obama and his staff are much, much smarter than they are, and in fact they are very stupid compared to Obama and other liberals. Then conservatives will realize that Obama, being smarter than them, probably knows what he's doing, so there is nothing to fear and be angry about unless you're a really stupid person.