Lust for Blood: The Truth About Vampire Criminals

But Presley is mild compared to another "vampire hooker" who made the news recently. Josephine Smith was a 22 year old with a history of drug arrests and just happened to be hanging around an abandoned Hooters when she met 69-year-old, wheel-chair-bound Milton Ellis. They decided to "hang out" together and after "hanging out" for awhile Ellis made the mistake of falling asleep in front of her. He awoke to Smith straddling him and biting his face. She reportedly told Ellis that she was a vampire and was going to eat him. He fought her off and police found Smith half naked and covered in blood nearby. Milton Ellis required stitches to close his wounds.

Ellis was lucky that his encounter was with one "vampire" and not a group of them. Some of recent history's most notorious crimes have been committed by blood drinking "cults" formed when several of these individuals find each other. In 2007, 12-year-old Jasmine Richardson made Canadian legal history when she was convicted of helping her 23-year-old boyfriend -- a degenerate named Jeremy Allan Steinke -- murder her parents and 8-year-old brother. The motive was apparently to keep their sexual relationship a secret, but what was more disturbing was how the pair met. Both had profiles on the site and professed interests there and elsewhere in blood and "kink" that seemed to imply what the BDSM community calls blood play:

In her profile, Richardson described herself as "bisexual, Wiccan, nocturnal, awkward, loud, a deep thinker and insane." She listed her interests as "unnatural hair colors, dark poetry, criminal psychology, blood, human anatomy and kinky <redacted>"

More telling were the profiles maintained by Steinke.


Like Richardson, Steinke also had a profile at He listed his interests as "freestyle BMX, skateboarding, snowboarding, gothic beings, my '81 Firebird, mosh pits, loud Music, peircings [sic], tattoos, scarification, pain, kinky fetishes, heavy metal, blood, razorblades, the dark, the moon, Mindfreaks Criss Angel, The Stars, eyeliner, gothic individuals, poetry, dark clothing, aggressiveness, biting, nails, Lycan's and My Girlfriend!"

Their profiles were like coded messages designed to attract blood fetishists. While we will probably never know how a 12-year-old girl developed such morbid sexual proclivities, what we do know is that by that time in her life she was as dangerous and depraved as her pedophile accomplice. Not only was the murder of her parents her idea, but it was she who decided that her little brother had to die. Hours after the murders the pair were seen kissing and laughing at a restaurant; later they showed up at a friend's house and after describing (and laughing about) the carnage, they had sex.

Jasmine Richardson will be set free this November.