Looking to Capitalize on Fort Hood: Gun Control Advocates

So if the Five-SeveN's reputation is largely the result of hype from the very doomsayers that hope to see it banned, what is it that these anti-gun organizations hope to accomplish with this letter?

In a word, precedent.

If these organizations can convince President Obama to use his executive authority to ban the import of the Five-SeveN using the Fort Hood shooting as an excuse, they will then have that precedent to use for going after other foreign-manufactured firearms, one at a time. Logically, if they were able to convince the president to impose the importation ban on the Five-seveN, they could then progress to the FN PS-90 carbine, which uses the same 5.7 x 28mm ammunition as the Five-seveN -- ammunition these organizations insist is readily available in "armor-piercing" versions.

And to a very limited extent, they are technically telling the truth.

The SS190 "armor-piercing" round banned in 1999 (years before the Five-seveN reached the civilian market) is now so rare that the cartridges are far too expensive to shoot. Also, they are only bought by collectors. To give you a sense of perspective, a 50-round box of premium Cor-Bon match-grade 9mm sells for $24.99. Aluminum-cased practice ammo for the 9mm runs almost half that price, at $13.29 a box.

A single, 50-round box of armor-piercing SS190 ammunition sold at auction on October 12 for $801, or $16 per cartridge.

To top off the absurd fear-mongering of the anti-gun groups, the armor-piercing claim was never meant to apply to the SS190 cartridge fired from the short 4.5" barrel of the Five-SeveN pistol. To achieve armor-piercing velocity, the bullet has to be fired from the longer-barreled P90 submachine gun for which the cartridge was originally designed.

But as mentioned before, this isn't really about one gun, or one cartridge.

As a director of the leftist Joyce Foundation, Barack Obama directed millions of dollars in grants to these very same anti-gun organizations. He even attempted to corrupt legal scholarship -- thereby conning the Supreme Court -- during his tenure. He merely needs a decent excuse to issue an executive order to ban this or any other specific firearm. Starting with the Five-seveN, and then the PS-90, it would be a quick transition to banning the import of the AK-type semi-auto rifles so popular among American shooters and any other foreign firearm that the administration declares to be "non-sporting."

These anti-gun groups know they cannot hope for Congress to revisit the implementation of their favorite gun control laws, and so they pin their hopes on a president who is quite literally one of them.

Whether or not Obama thinks he can get away with implementing this piece-by-piece obliteration of the Second Amendment is a political calculation, which will be decided based on whether or not he thinks American patriots will take this challenge from his allies standing up or lying down.