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Look who's Supporting Media Matters

The Daily Caller lists grants to Media Matters.

Aside from such reliably leftist foundations and contributors such as the Ford Foundation, sponsor of the odious Durban conference noted for its anti-American, anti semitic tone; the Joyce Foundation; the Sandler Foundation; and the Tides Foundation,noted leftist money laundering outfit for other donors and foundations, which alone has kicked in $4,384,702, there are four Jewish groups whose members ought to be asking questions of their officers.

Professor Alan Dershowitz has slammed Media Matters for its anti-semitic bigotry. But according to the grant list published by the Daily Caller, in addition to a number individual Jewish donors and Foundations--like Barbra Streisand's--established by Jewish donors who sustain and support this disreputable outfit,four specifically Jewish organizations have been among its contributors: the Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston, Inc; Community Foundation of United Federation of San Diego; Jewish Communal Fund; Jewish Community Foundation of Cleveland.

These organizations should be called to account for their actions by their own contributors.


Aaron reports


The Jewish Community Foundation is NOT a program of the Jewish Federation of San Diego County. They are completely different entities.

Please revise your article as such, and check your references before posting content."

I have checked by references and

Page 3 of the Daily Caller printout derived from the Media Matters filings lists “Community Foundation of the United Jewish Federation of San Diego” as having made 2 donations, one for $100,000 and one for $50,000. If there’s an error it is either Media Matters’ or Daily Caller’s."

I would hate to misreport anything, but that is what the pdf which reportedly is based on Media Matters own records show. If there is any further clarification, I'll post it gladly.