Wednesday's HOT MIC

Wednesday's HOT MIC

This one will never get old:


Why anybody thinks Colbert is funny is beyond me. Like most leftist "comedians" he's a bitter, nasty little man, throwing crap before swine.

The ineffable Ace of Spades has more here:

This is exactly what he should have expected, and perhaps did expect -- the left has been ginning up a Hate Comey campaign for six months, recently reinforced by Hillary Clinton's assertion that she would be president if not for Comey's October 28th information to Congress that was reviewing the emails found on Anthony Weiner's computer for possible relevance to the Hillary Clinton case.

So when they heard he'd been fired, of course they cheered.

However, they were on line to get into the show and sitting in the audience for a half hour. Many of them probably did not have time to be properly Socialized by "influencers" on the liberal side of things on Twitter, FaceBook, and Instagram.

So many probably did not know that the Party Leadershp had declared that Emmanuel Goldstein was no longer a Traitor, but in fact a Martyr, a 180 degree reversal reached by a Consensus of Twitter Scientists in just ten minutes of primal screaming and digital animal noises.