Wednesday's HOT MIC

Here is your HOT MIC for the day.

Unspeakably heartbreaking:

As I said when the Charlie Gard story was in the news last summer, few news stories have ever shaken me to the core like that. The feeling is back. It's absolutely horrifying to think that this is happening in an ostensibly free country that is perhaps our closest ally.

Still mystified as to how this man was President Obama's physician for so many years and we never heard about any of this:

Weird how fits of character assassination journalism only hit the MSM when it involves President Trump.

(Also, for those unfamiliar with me and/or sarcasm: I'm not really mystified.)


Oh my:

MPFA is more like it. Trump and Kanye are Making Politics Fun Again.

For most of us anyway:


This will probably be true in a month:

Amazon already does in-home delivery using a special key system. I know some people who avail themselves of this service. I get anywhere from two to four Amazon deliveries a week, but I'm not letting them in my house. My mother hasn't even been in here.

Kanye 2024?

It started with a cryptic tweet with the four numbers "2024."

Then, it became this.