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Wednesday's HOT MIC

Here is your HOT MIC for the day.

The memories of Barbara Bush that are being shared on social media have all been wonderful to see but I think this is my favorite:

Well, well -- what to make of all this:

James Comey on Wednesday confirmed he was the one who kick-started the inspector general probe that led to his former deputy Andrew McCabe’s ouster, while seeming to back its findings that McCabe lied about a media leak.

This is quite something since Comey not too long ago strongly defended McCabe after his ouster and blasted the "small people trying to tear down an institution."

McCabe is now basically accusing Comey of lying.

There's a lot of back-stabbing going on here. I don't know who to root for -- They're both lying weasels.

Here we go again: Prog makes a stupid tweet, then locks their account to avoid the inevitable flack.

My question is: Did Jarrar go on leave from Fresno before this tweet, or were they put on leave because of it?


The lib media backlash against a show that dared portray a non-liberal in a positive light was coordinated to prevent this from happening. I'll be over at the Schadenfreude Bar having a few extra today.

No word on whether it was occupied at the time: