Wednesday's HOT MIC

Here is your HOT MIC for the day.

Socialists are awful:

From Bloomberg:

Operators of unlicensed short-term rentals in Vancouver will face a C$1,000-a-day ($795) fine starting in September as part of an agreement with Airbnb Inc. to tighten regulations on home sharing in Canada’s most expensive property market.

The city’s deal with Airbnb will require hosts to display a business license number on ads showing the unit is legally approved for short-term rentals. The San Francisco-based operator accounts for roughly 88 percent of Vancouver’s 6,600 short-term rental listings, according to city officials.

At least they didn't ban short-term rentals altogether, as many liberal-run American municipalities have. Still, I'm of the mindset that a person should be able to do whatever legal thing he or she wants with his or her home. That means I am not a fan of governments that decide to make something rather benign illegal just to line bureaucratic pockets.

Also, I'm still not sure that Canada is real.


When Lindsey Graham is right -- which is not as often as I would prefer -- he's really, really right. OK, he's mostly right here. I (and many others) think Comey was a partisan political operative while he was still with the FBI. Laughably, the Democrats think he played a major role in tanking Granny Maojackets' candidacy. If he'd been doing his job, she would have been under indictment before election day.

The Trump haters in question are demoted FBI agent Peter Strzok and his mistress FBI lawyer Lisa Page:


And James Taranto has the Best Retort on the Web today:

Ugh. Here we go:

According to the NYT's three unnamed sources, documents related to the Access Hollywood tape were explicitly mentioned as a target of the search.

Evidence that attorney Michael Cohen made payments ahead of the 2016 election to silence women alleging they had affairs with Trump was also a focus of the search.