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Wednesday's HOT MIC

Here is your HOT MIC for the day.

I think this puts a nice bow on the day. I promise some lighthearted fare for tomorrow.

Let's say I'm not hopeful this will work:

This just seems like so much you-know-what covering after the harsh backlash both the president and Congressional Republicans got for this omnibus monster. Band-Aids after the fact aren't what's needs, some spine when crafting spending legislation is. Republicans are still too afraid of what The New York Times will say about them to be truly effective.

Proud to have had the good fortune to befriend and work with both Kira and Zo.

To save you the time, here is the tweet to which they are both referring:

A little something for the pro-#2A crowd out there:

FYI-Bloomberg is trying to target (pun intended) Smith & Wesson today:

Here is the "Love at First Shot" video on YouTube:

Just sayin'...