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How would you like your fish today?


Or self-cloning?

I think I'm going to have to lay off the melatonin for a few nights so I don't dream about this stuff.

The world's worst-kept secret. Did you hear? Israel bombed the Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007.


Israel acknowledged publicly for the first time Wednesday that it struck a secret nuclear reactor in Syria 11 years ago.

In the darkness of a late Wednesday night in September 2007, eight Israeli fighter jets streaked out of southern Israel, heading north. Two hours later, they reached their target in the Deir Ezzor region in eastern Syria -- a nondescript square building, tucked into a desert valley between rolling hills.

Shortly after midnight, precision-guided Israelis bombs, dropped by the F-16s and F-15s circling above, ripped apart the facility, sending a plume of smoke into the Syrian sky.

The strike destroyed the reactor, which was mere months from completion. If completed, the facility would have made Syria the first Arab nuclear state.

The news has set off an unseemly battle between the former heads of Mossad and military intelligence over who should get more credit.


The former heads of the Mossad and Military Intelligence at the time of the attack are now warring over which intelligence organization deserves the most credit for uncovering the Syrian nuclear program. Tamir Pardo, who was the head of the Mossad in 2007, said on Wednesday that it was only because of the Mossad that  Israel knew about the reactor. He also said its late discovery was a "thunderous failure."

The Syrian reactor was attacked due to the capability that it would have given the Syrians, with North Korean help, to develop nuclear weapons. According to the New Yorker magazine, Mossad officers broke into the home of the head of the Syrian atomic energy commission in Vienna and copied data from his computer. This information contained pictures of the inside of the reactor that proved its existence.

The former head of the IDF’s Military Intelligence, Maj. Gen. (res.) Amos Yadlin, rejected allegations of an intelligence failure, saying Military Intelligence pointed out the possibility of a Syrian nuclear program in late 2006. Yadlin also challenged former Defense Minister Barak's statement that Prime Minister Olmert had created an "apocalyptic atmosphere."

"The atmosphere was professional and on point - from the initial discovery in 2006, to the attack in the fall," Yadlin said. For his part, Barak told Israel Radio on Wednesday morning that the reactor was discovered by chance, with a few months to spare before it would be operational.

Belated congratulations to all who took part in taking out this dangerous threat -- which the geniuses at the CIA evidently missed.

Obama appointee, of course:

Maybe it's time for a national conversation about comprehensive liberal activist judicial reform.


It is no secret that leftists have their priorities severely messed up. Perhaps if, according to their non-science view of human gestation, the "clump of cells" to which they so often refer could grow into a forest animal they would be pro-life.

The saddest thing about being absurdist like that when discussing progressives is that it is never far from the truth.

It's "bipartisan," so you know it's awful: