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MUST-SEE TV: The Teacher's Union Sued Me With My Own Dues!

That's why they take your dues without your permission, folks.

George Clooney ... running for president?!

Everyone's least favorite crazed leftist actor may be considering a presidential bid. You scoff, but he just donated $500K to the anti-gun "March for Our Lives," and he just published an article in Foreign Affairs magazine... about Africa, no less!

No need to fret if you'd rather not read all of Clooney's long post about Africa. Showbiz 411's Roger Friedman has a short summary:

In the piece, titled “The Key to Making Peace in Africa: Fighting Corruption Can Help End Conflict,” Clooney and Prendergast, the actor’s partner in The Sentry, a project of Clooney’s South Sudan effort called Not On Our Watch. write:

  • “Every year, billions of aid dollars pour into Africa: taxpayers and donors around the world fund peacekeeping forces, state-building programs, humanitarian assistance, elections, and peace processes. But none of this support has been able to keep corrupt leaders and their network of beneficiaries from stealing billions of dollars.”
  • “This is the fatal flaw of peacemaking in Africa: those supporting mediation lack the leverage necessary to stop corrupt figures from using their forces to bomb, burn, imprison, silence, torture, starve, impoverish, kill, and rape to maintain or gain power.”
  • “Serious financial pressure with real bite is not only possible; it has proved effective in the past.”
  •  “A comprehensive strategy of using financial pressure for peace and human rights in South Sudan and other African war zones would cost very little. But it would give African mediators and their supporters in Washington, London, and elsewhere leverage in peace negotiations.”

Whether or not Clooney is testing the political waters, his commitment to South Sudan is far from new. Even so...

For those who need a laugh.

I came across this old photo today, and just couldn't help myself. These cops know how to have a good time with some excellent self-deprecating humor.

I'm having way too much fun reading Twitter today.