Wednesday's HOT MIC

Here is your HOT MIC for today.

Now, wait just a minute, buddy (I don't care if your name is Donald Duck or President Donald Trump when you say foolish things like this):

He tried to walk it back slightly, but, again, a swing and a miss:


My guess is that he simply can’t resist the lure of his can-do strongman image, even when that completely undercuts his own base’s ideological position. The public is screaming at him to Do Something! on guns so he’s going to do everything he can to show them he’s on the case, whatever that means for due process or the right to bear arms. He has no principles, only “strength” and authority. So he’s doing what he thinks a strong authoritarian would do in this situation.

We're talking about no less than redefining a constitutional right here, and whether it's a) just more of Trump's nonsensical bloviating b) an emotional overreaction in the aftermath of a tragedy, or c) pandering to the screeching mob, it's terribly misguided.

This statement from the editorial page editor of The New York Times shows just how far left the American MSM is. He's talking about Bret Stephens here, who is regarded as a "conservative" voice at the paper. On the spectrum of conservative from very to barely, Stephens is just plain not. He called for a repeal of the Second Amendment last October, then recently doubled-down on it.

The gist of Stephens' argument is that common sense reform (whatever that means) to gun laws can only truly follow if the constitutional protections are removed.

For a moderate liberal who is surrounded by far-left liberals, Stephens acts as if he's never met a liberal before. The idea that they'll work in a bipartisan fashion towards this ill-defined common sense unicorn without the Second Amendment there is laughable.

Back to the comments from his editor: Stephens is an anti-Second Amendment Trump hater but he's too far right for the comfort of the Times prog writers.

Maybe people should stop blaming Twitter for everything and get back to calling out the Democrat Media Complex.

Jake Tapper went on an impassioned tweet storm today:

First of all, this information is not exactly a state secret. Folks on the right have been screaming about Farrakhan's extreme views since Obama first appeared on the public radar. Are we to believe that Tapper had no idea this was going on until today? (Or until a few weeks ago when the "lost" picture of Obama and Farrakhan suddenly appeared?) Second, it seems like this is a thinly veiled attempt to smear Billy Graham on the day he's lying in honor in the Capitol rotunda (Graham renounced his antisemitic comments and apologized multiple times for them). It seems gratuitous and opportunistic, even for Tapper.

Translation: "Only my side is right, and we're not interested in any dialog."

Murphy was recently voted the "US Senator Most Likely to Make Even Kamala Harris Seem Less Stupid" by a panel of me. This guy spouts more incorrect nonsense on Twitter in a week than most Democrats can manage in six months.

Whenever the Beltway Dems ID a corporate bogeyman ("gun industry") as a starting point to discussions, it means they're going hard left with their proposal.

L.A. street artist Sabo strikes again: