Wednesday's HOT MIC

Wednesday's HOT MIC

If you missed Salena Zito's latest, here's the link.

Donald Trump is still the man to this Pennsylvania home.

And a pro tip: Never miss Salena's latest. She's in my estimation the best shoe-leather reporter covering national politics, and really the only one in 2015-16 who recognized the existence of potential Obama-to-Trump voters. You know, the voters who delivered OH, PA, MI, and WI -- and the White House.

But I was taken by this quote from a suburban woman at the end of Salena's report:

“This speech is about us, there were no mentions of ‘I’ or ‘me.’ All he did was talking about taking us to a better place, it was aspirational, compassionate and strong,” she said.

And "refreshing." Don't forget "refreshing."