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Oh well...

Deadspin has the full ballot here. Bonds and Clemens are almost twenty percent short of where they need to be in order to get in the Hall. Anything I say or write about Bonds will forever be tainted by the fact that I am a Dodgers fan and he had his glory years with the San Francisco Giants.

Those glory years, however, will forever be tainted by the fact that he was juiced to the point of bursting.


More from CNN:

Google (GOOGL), Apple (AAPL), Amazon (AMZN) and Facebook (FB) all spent what are for them record sums on lobbying activities in 2017, according to federal disclosures filed this week.

Google was the biggest spender of the group. It pumped $18 million into lobbying in 2017, up from $15.4 million a year earlier. Amazon, the next largest spender of the four, spent nearly $13 million for the year.

While Apple and Facebook spent less than the other two, they saw more significant spikes. Facebook's annual lobbying budget grew by about a third in 2017 from the year before; Apple's spending shot up by more than 50%.

The increased lobbying activity is a byproduct of both the tech industry's growing power as well the tenser relationship with Washington it has had under Trump than it had during the Obama years.

That last part is garbage. Companies that large don't spend that kind of money because of feelings. Trump may be against net neutrality, but its repeal isn't going to devastate the tech industry. That line is pure media propaganda to keep the fictional history of Barack Obama alive as it is being written.

What's amusing here is that all four of those companies fancy themselves as something more than cold, calculating corporations. In the end, they throw money around to influence policy just like the faceless companies that are so often pilloried in left media fiction.


It never ceases to amaze and nauseate me that Richards is worshiped by liberals.

Maybe don't be too relieved...

I'm still surprised that Manchin hasn't switched parties. I can think of at least three Republican senators who aren't as "conservative" as Manchin. It remains a mystery whether the GOP has actively wooed him. After the upcoming midterms the prospect of jumping to the Republican party won't look as attractive.

Oh Jeez -- I hadn't seen that second comment. Disgusting.