Wednesday's HOT MIC

Here is today's HOT MIC.

VodkaPundit, call your office:

Ohioans Are Going to Have a Hard Time Buying Their Favorite Vodka in 2018

Looks like you're going to have to cross Ohio off your vacation list. Thanks, Big Brother.

Roger: You're certainly correct about the history and influence of Zoroastrianism in Iran and other Persian countries. I confess I'm not all that familiar with its tenets, but I don't recall that religion being a vehicle for the spread of democracy — or for so many radically transformed lives, for that matter — in the same way the Judeo-Christian worldview has been throughout history. No doubt it would take an act of God (literally... one of Red Sea-parting proportions) to bring about a true democratic revolution in Iran (or any other Muslim country, for that matter), but it's certainly not beyond His purview.



But it's different when they do it because shut up, fascist.

Ha! -- At least one person seems to be enjoying today's Trump/Bannon psycho-drama:

Paul Manafort filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the US Department of Justice (DOJ), Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, contending that the order Rosenstein signed to appoint Mueller "exceeds the scope of Mr. Rosenstein's authority to appoint special counsel as well as specific restrictions on the scope of such appointments."

The suit "challenges Mueller's decision to charge Manafort with alleged crimes that they say have nothing to do with the 2016 campaign, but rather relate to lucrative lobbying work Manafort and his deputy did for a former Russia-friendly government in Ukraine."

That work ended in 2014, the suit says. Manafort and his deputy Rick Gates deny the allegations in the charges.

The focus is on a part of the Rosenstein order that says that Mueller may investigate "any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation." The Manafort lawyers say that goes beyond what the law allows Rosenstein to empower Mueller to do.

Further, the Rosenstein order gives Mueller "carte blanche to investigate and pursue criminal charges in connection with anything he stumbles across while investigating, no matter how remote from the specific matter identified as the subject of the appointment order," the lawsuit says.

Just between you and me, I think Manafort is kinda sleazy, but having said that --  I'm glad he's doing this.

Mueller has been on an outrageous fishing expedition with no limitations and some legal push-back was in order.