Wednesday's HOT MIC

Wednesday's HOT MIC

The bell is tolling at ESPN. The sports network that recently published guidelines on how to rant about politics on air is laying off 100 people -- many of them on-air personalities.

Some tweets from a few of the more notable ESPN talent who have become a victim of ESPN's blatant left turn in politicizing sports:

Some on-air talent, like Karl Ravech, one of the premiere baseball analysts in the country, will see their on-air roles reduced.

Part of ESPN's problem has been the growth of individual sports networks like NFLTV, MLBTV, etc. Depending on the season, most die-hard sports fans would rather keep up to date with their sport on a network that supplies wall-to-wall coverage.

How much did ESPN's politicization of their network have to do with their financial fall? Hard to say, but it's equally difficult to imagine it had nothing to do with it.