Wednesday's HOT MIC

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Good Wednesday Morning.

President Trump has no public events today

ALERT: It's been about a week since the media ran a "Sources say Trump wants to fire Mueller story," so expect one any day now.

The RUSSIA collusion investigation beat takes no Christmas holiday

Slot machine junkie Bill Kristol accuses Trump of trying to "shut down" Mueller investigation

USA Today: Let Robert Mueller do his job — which is to get Trump, obviously

This is probably true: Trump claims FBI used "bogus" dossier to go after his campaign

This is also probably true: "These people" are "the deep state": GOP Congressman calls for "purge" of the FBI

NOPE: CNN Reporter falsely claims Republicans funded Trump-Russia dossier

[Alleged] harassment update

Singer Joy Villa alleges Corey Lewandowski assaulted her at Trump hotel party

Vice Media co-founders apologize for "boy's club" environment at firm

NBC rolls out new anti-harassment rules for the workplace

Historical picture of day:

Pope John Paul II talks with his would-be assassin Mehmet Ali Agca during a private meeting in Agca's prison cell in Rome, Dec. 27, 1983. (AP Photo/Arturo Mari)

Other morsels:

Cities sue Defense Dept. over gun-check system failures

China Erects A Trump Statue For The New Year

Trump admin sanctions two senior North Korean officials

Shoppers are about to return $90 billion in unwanted gifts that likely can't be resold and will end up in the trash

Mastercard: Americans spent at a record pace this holiday shopping season

U.S. appeals court rejects challenge to Trump voter fraud panel

Rosie O’Donnell Sentences "Fake Altar Boy" Paul Ryan To Hell

British government fears Prince Harry will incur Trump’s wrath with Obama wedding invite

Judge Orders Lawyer’s Apartment Soundproofed After Complaints She Screamed "Obama is a Murderer"

Hatch fires back at Salt Lake Tribune over blistering editorial

Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee cites racism as source of United Airlines incident in a statement

"Gaming disorder" may get classified as a mental health condition

Confederate monument in Georgia cemetery seriously damaged, police say

And that's all I've got, now go beat back the angry mob!

Power back on at Disneyland.

The power went out at Disneyland today. It's back on now.

Refunds are being handled on an individual basis...

Man, Steve Bannon sure can pick 'em, can't he?

The Hill:

Former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon and his conservative outlet, Breitbart News, have cut ties with a far-right activist challenging Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) in 2018 after the candidate posted several controversial tweets.

“Nehlen is dead to us,” Arthur Schwartz, a Bannon adviser, told CNN on Wednesday regarding Wisconsin congressional candidate Paul Nehlen (R).

“We don’t support him,” Breitbart editor Joel Pollak tweeted late Tuesday. “He’s disqualified himself.”

Bannon has in the past supported anti-establishment Republican candidates, including Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, who lost the state's special election to Democrat Doug Jones.

Nehlen on Saturday tweeted an illustration showing three Christian crosses with signs reading "No it's not," "It's okay to be white" and "No it's not." The cross in the middle of the image was meant to represent Jesus Christ.

The meme originated on the messaging board 4chan, a forum that attracts neo-Nazis.

Nehlen then shared Tuesday that he is reading “The Culture of Critique,” a book about Jewish involvement in political movements that is considered by many to be anti-Semitic.

As Breitbart handled their passionate support of Roy Moore despite his obvious toxicity, so too has the news outlet tried to downplay their backing of Nehlen.

As long as Bannon is picking opponents for "establishment" candidates, it appears they will be in little danger.

You may recall that Nehlen lost by a whopping 68 points to Ryan in the primary last year.

Now you know:

50 Top Conservative Websites

The big winner this year was, not surprisingly, Drudge Report. According to SimilarWeb, Drudge had 157.06M total visits in November. That dwarfs number two Breitbart, which had 82.75M visits. Beyond raw traffic numbers, Drudge has an outsized influence as a top referral source, with some sites on our list getting 10 to 20 percent of their traffic as a result of Drudge links. In fact, for many of the sites on our list, Drudge drives more traffic than Google and Facebook. In some cases, Drudge traffic is more than Google and Facebook combined.

I think I'm starting to like this guy less now that he's a former President than I did when he was a sitting President -- and I really didn't think that could be possible.