Wednesday's HOT MIC

Here is your HOT MIC for today.

The almost total media blackout about The Lightbringer's big gamble with Hezbollah may be continuing but that doesn't mean that the rational adults of the world don't have any opinions on it:

And now, your Meme of the Day.

My decision to leave the Apple plantation years ago is forever being validated:

I know this means nothing to the Apple cultists. They love having their decisions made for them by the Mothership and paying handsomely for it. After my second Macbook went belly-up (But they never break! or something) with normal travel wear and tear I decided that nothing they offered in the way of well, anything, was worth the price.


That's some pretty fast trickle-down there. Ronald Reagan is smiling from the great beyond.


Tune in to the press conference on tax reform passage here.

Read more about it here.

A nod to one of our own here because perfect:

A must-read twofer from Omri Ceren, who's been on a roll today.

Indeed. I think the Iran Deal has worked out exactly as Obama had hoped, otherwise he wouldn't have bothered selling out almost every damn thing to get it.

Beware the gentrifying beavers, yo:

Oh, it's on.

(Full story here if you missed it.)

Some sickos in Virginia are planning to celebrate New Year's Eve by attending a "New Years Rave at Ajit Pai's House."

301 people have indicated that they're going. Another 1.4K are interested.

"Here's hoping this rave f*cks his property value harder than he f*cked the American people," said one potential attendee.